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Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline which originated in India. There is a broad variety of schools, practices and goals in Hinduism, Buddhism. Yogameta is where you can find balance, harmony and energy renewal amidst the hectic bustle of everyday pressures and deadlines. Relax & enjoy a personalized day yoga experience in our comfortable sanctuary.



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We know your first time could be a little daunting or even intimidating , so enjoy your first experience with us for free

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Includes all levels yoga classes with our most experienced teachers . this type of membership is perfect for starters , for people who are not sure what to do with their schedule or work routine.

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Includes all yoga classes with our most experienced teachers . It`s the most optimal type of a package for anyone, with a tight schedule. With a monthly plan, you`ll be on time everywhere!

Our Teacher

Laurence Milner

Certified 2008

Co-founder with Rosalyne, and Director of Chaitanya School Of Yoga in South Africa, LAURENCE has studied Hatha yoga,Vinyasa , Yin Yoga , Yin Yang Yoga , Mantra and Yantra Yoga (Raja), Tantra, Kundalini, Tibetan Yoga and Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism, being a Master Yoga teacher and an inspiring spiritual guide . Gifted with a strong will-power, mental clarity, and deep intuition, he possesses what is called "genius of heart'', a genius of a pure consciousness, which makes him calm and tireless throughout his busy day and schedule, always smiling and happy, he inspires by his personal example , easy to talk to and very knowledgeable on most subjects from yoga and sports to real estate market and finances, many times with a great sense of humor and kindness.

Laurence discovered the science of yoga after having suffered for many years with alcohol addiction, and whilst in rehab discovered the science of Yoga, Thai Chi , Chi Gong, and Vipasana (Zen meditation) , which has helped tremendously in his recovery. Now over 18 years free of any addictive substances Laurence has found a new way of life and thinking and wants to share his experiences with people who have or are suffering the same fate.

He has dedicated his life to opening a new way for those desiring light and new horizons , guiding others along this pure spiritual path. The serious approach of Laurence towards Yoga and its teachings, his devotion and passion to Yoga and, last but not least, his fresh sense of humor, make Chaitanya School of Yoga a favorite place for practicing Yoga in Cape Town. Laurence says to his yoga students:

"Be yourself, enjoy yourself when you're doing yoga, be still and have patience when you meditate, and your life will change for the best. Above all, persevere in your practice of yoga and meditation, and respect the yogic code of conduct Yama and Niyama, and your success will follow"

"I have been privileged to have met wonderful teachers on my journey of life. Some have become friends and partners, others have become mentors and have touched my life and helped shape me into who I am today. Deepest gratitude and appreciation is present for the awesome life I am privileged to be enjoying every day. My prayer is that I can help others live the life of their dreams because I have learned that “Anything is possible!” Laurence Milner

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Unit C11 Leonardo Park, Cnr Link & Parklands Main Road, Parklands, 7441

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